Finding the Story

If you allow your eyes to see through the heart, you will find a story.  The story originates not from that voice in your head, but when that voice is still, and unknowingly your breath begins to deepen. In the silence, your heart begins to listen to the subject you observe.  It’s as if the subject your eyes are admiring is speaking directly to your heart. The story begins to unfold.

A few mornings back I awoke to heavy dense fog hanging in the air.  It was quite extraordinary.  Humidity is an interesting phenomenon, especially growing up in the blazing Arizona desert.  For now, we have taken up residence in the SouthEastern part of North Carolina, only a short distance from the ocean where moisture runs wild and free.

As the morning grew longer and the dew continued to rest, I decided this was a time I needed to go explore this land and trees here at the vineyard in which we live.  While out exploring with my camera and open heart, I came across this archway into a special garden.  Observing the archway, my breath began to deepen. I stepped back in acknowledgment of it, as if giving the archway permission to share it’s story with me.  With every deepened breath I took,  it’s story began to unfold.  This is what it told me…

“Look here child.  Look at me.  I am a symbol of you.  You see, I am like the eyes into your soul.  As you look through me you see the garden within me.  You too have a garden within you.  Come closer and look at me.  See how two thirds of me is covered in vines and thorns while one third of me is free of them. You too dear one are covered in vines and thorns, but you are free! Your vines that grow within you are badges of the human experience and those thorns, those have been necessary for your spiritual growth.  Underneath your past, at the core of you, you are still free.  You must know this child.  You must go within to remember.”

I drank those words like I had been dehydrated for a year.  They nourished me.  They filled me up from within and spilled over into my consciousness.  This archway that stood alone in an area of the vineyard I saw for weeks without noticing inspired me… Divinely Inspired me.

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Tara Fournier

Tara is a spiritual seeker who is guided by Spirit to share with you, her quests of finding her own inner truths of life through personal reflections, self discoveries, yoga, and mind body awareness in hopes of inspiring you in your own journey. You can also find her at

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