The Simple Things

It’s the simple things in life that I love! As I grow older with every year, I realize that the simple things are the only things that actually sustain me. We always have something to complain about in our minds.  Five years ago I had mental dialog of what I did not like in my life and guess what, today I still do, although those things have changed.  So in times when I notice the negative chatter, I like to remember all the simple things that make me smile.  Here is my list of simple things, and this just scratches the surface.

creamy coffee in the morning when it’s still dark out

the soft warm lighting from my side table lamp

warm bread with melted butter

my favorite pink plush blanket with a good book

dinner in the crockpot

my daughter’s laughter (especially when being tickled)

my bare feet in the sand

listening to the ebb & flow of the ocean waves

the salty air on my skin

looking at my dirty feet from a day of walking around in the dirt

did I say bare feet?

reminiscing of days with my Grandparents

singing songs out loud that make me cry because of the powerful words

Dancing by myself in my room and shaking it “off”

a glass of red wine with flavorful cheese bites

Yoga and guided meditations from someone else

a foot rub from my hubby

getting lost on Pinterest in the quotes section

My list could go on and on.  Because of the New Year, allow this to be a time where you think about the things that make you warm and fuzzy. Don’t get yourself up in a ruffle about the goals you need to set if you haven’t yet. Start the year off with the simple things you love and are grateful for!

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Tara Fournier

Tara is a spiritual seeker who is guided by Spirit to share with you, her quests of finding her own inner truths of life through personal reflections, self discoveries, yoga, and mind body awareness in hopes of inspiring you in your own journey. You can also find her at

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