Family Health Coaching: Making changes are easier than you think!

The past few months I have been personally and professionally growing though an amazing journey of my own participation in two life changing coaching programs, which has inspired me to put together an AWESOME transformational program for those who are really ready to make some big health changes.

There is a massive health epidemic happening in our country. Kids are stressed out, moody, overweight, sick, diagnosed ADD/ADHD, Autism spectrum, and learning disabilities more frequently than ever. In fact, did you know these are Nutritional Deficiency Disorders???

This a health epidemic… LARGELY due to our over-processed, nutrient deficient Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) and parents are feeling the cost of this also. They too are sicker, overwhelmed, frustrated and at a loss with HOW to make the changes they know they need to make. Lack of intimacy, low self esteem, anxiety, depression and overall lack of self care has become the new normal. Did you know that Obesity related medical costs in the US is 190 billion per year? This is staggering and I want to be a part of the solution.

Cancer, Autoimmune Disease, Chronic Inflammation, Digestive Disorders, Cardiovascular Disease, Mood Disorders, Obesity related illnesses and so on… do NOT have to be your fate as you watch your kids grow up. You and your family can write a new story with a much happier ending. I am here to show you how to eat for life, not just for right now.

In my experience as a mom, we hold so much power over the choices offered to the family. This change is truly empowering as a consumer when done right and has long lasting results. Unfortunately, we have not been equipped with the tools to cope with the bombardment of mass food marketing, weight loss schemes, and quick fix pills or potions. Its almost like we are set up to fail. This is fuel for my fire.

As a Family Health Coach I help moms and families take their health back, so they can live a chronic disease-free life with less stress and more freedom.

Your family deserves more, you deserve to know it all, and we all deserve better than what is the current status quo. So lets make that happen. I would love to connect with you and we can turn your families health around.

Contact me ASAP to book your FREE Health Discovery Session, where we will dig into whats not working and what steps you need to move you and your family forward.

If you know someone who could really benefit from this transformation, please forward this email and pass along my contact info.

Looking forward to connecting with you!
Gratefully-Amanda Morris


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