Kristi Anderson

Guiding Minds and Bodies into Harmony

I am Kristi Anderson an Aquarian Gong Master and Sound Healer.  I have been sounding since I was very young. From playing instruments, to singing, to toning, to listening to the very earth we walk on, I create and I feel vibration.  As a Reiki practitioner I use my understanding of the bodies energetics to get information from clients.   I use different techniques to help the client return to their own personal resonance and create harmony in their bodies.   I use sound and vibration to move through blocks, restrictions and help each person find their own healing. Just like sounding, I have always had a pocket full of “Rocks” or crystals that I use in each session.  Breathing intention into each crystal and surrounding the client in a grid, I create a healing vortex for the client to achieve their highest healing.  I can also add sound to the crystal grid or I can break it into movement.  I have taught Yoga for 16 years and love to share the healing benefits with everyone.  My favorite thing is to share all of these gifts at my ranch, the Rocky Road Ranch near Ash Fork AZ.  It is 120 acres totally off the grid.  I have a 30 foot Dome that is our healing and movement space as well as a proper house with room for 10 people to share healing weekends.  Life is a great journey!  Let’s enjoy all the possibilities.

To Connect with Kristi
Instagram:  idapingalayoga