A brilliant green lizard, bold red cardinal, soft grey feather, school of dragon flies, lucid dreams, a warm touch on the shoulder are just a few of the many fascinating messengers that await to be seen and felt by you. I don’t believe in coincidences. Everything has a message, gift, or lesson. Sometimes the message is very soft like a whisper and sometimes it may wake you up in a startle, but they are all waiting to be discovered.

Angels, guardians, guides…I don’t care what you call them, they present themselves with a purpose. They might come at a time that you immediately know the answer or the why, while other times it may leave you smiling in wonder or bewilderment. A messenger may appear many times before you recognize it is a special delivery. It may also appear in the oddest place, form, or hold a mystical quality.

Either way, I am inviting you to be open to seeing, hearing, and feeling them come into your life. When they arrive take the time to adventure in them and appreciate the fleeting moment to be kissed by their insight.  

Some of my most magical universal messages;

Recently, I was playing a yoga genre radio station preparing for students to arrive for class. All of a sudden it went from chanting to…drum roll please – Salt n Pepa’s “Push It”! I about died. You cannot make this up people. I just raised my hands up to the universe and said “I here you, however I do not know what I am pushing or forcing!” So here I sat absolutely cracking up but I had to let it go, I was getting ready to teach. I moved forward by changing the radio station because that song would have been weird for a gentle yoga class. Not even 2 hours later, I get tagged on Facebook by one of my BFF’s from elementary school with a picture of a memory shared from our high school graduation. THAT crazy fun Salt n Pepa song that interrupted the yoga radio station was one of our favorites!!! In that moment I knew with a huge wave of warmth down to my bones, I needed to connect with these very special friends of mine.

I was getting ready for a yoga class and brought out all the altar items to set up before the students arrived. It is always set up the same; deities at the head of the crown chakra disc, a candle on each chakra color, and few crystals selectively placed. Class is held in a dojo and it is shared space, so every day I have a ritual to drop into my head and heart, while cleaning and clearing the space, and getting ready for a magical circle yoga class.

This day was different. I was stopped in my tracks as I set my 1st deity in place. A beautiful grey feather about 1-inch-long was quietly waiting for me. I didn’t move the feather, but placed everything slightly beside it. A huge sense of ease, sweet peace, and calm filled me. You see that very morning, I woke with this sense of doubt. You know that kind when you wonder if you are doing enough. I just blamed it on exhaustion because of my period and a family visit. However, just seeing this feather, a space of knowing arose to the corner of my lips and a sense of certainty in my heart that all is really good.

One of my most favorite messengers came often and at the same time each week for a few months.  I didn’t think anything of it until maybe the 3rd time it had presented itself. Every Monday afternoon I was on a conference call. I would sit in the same spot facing a sliding glass door that looked out to a small patio. While on every Monday call, a male and female cardinal would sit on a chair facing me. At that time, my family and I were living at a friend’s while our house was being built. We were so grateful, but there were still feelings of chaos, displacement, and impatience as we waited for our forever home to be completed. These cardinals became my friends providing feelings of encouragement, strength, and contentment.

Then it happened, our 1st weekend in our new house I was sitting out on the front porch when a whole family of beautiful cardinals came down right in front of our porch…I was in total awe! Here we are almost 2 years later, every morning I step out of the house the cardinals and I acknowledge each other in strength, passion, faith, and hope in all things.

I encourage you to open your eyes and ears to your surroundings.

I believe if you slow down enough, you will notice these little messengers.

When you do see them, research what the spiritual meaning is.

The lesson may or may not reveal itself in that moment, but you are allowing yourself to feel these special gifts.

Do you need a sign or message delivered to you?

Give yourself permission to ask for it. Our greatest teachers are all around us.

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