BEFRIEND YOUR BODY ~ Why Exercise Doesn’t Have to be a Chore

Have you made your body your bestie? 
Well it is time to BEFRIEND your precious beautiful body!
Do you view working out to be a chore, rather than a healthy habit???
Consider all the other amazing ways healthy movement is beneficial to you, not just weight loss, not just for a future outcome, but for right now!
Exercise is a form of self care, a celebration of what your body is capable of, and offers so many other benefits.  Exercise is not meant to be a punishment, but a necessity for your body to function smoothly and effectively. Let go of the outcome and honor the now!

Check out the vlog link to hear more about how you can let go of the chore mentality and embrace the present with your exercise routine!


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Tara Fournier

Tara is a spiritual seeker who is guided by Spirit to share with you, her quests of finding her own inner truths of life through personal reflections, self discoveries, yoga, and mind body awareness in hopes of inspiring you in your own journey. You can also find her at

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