Amanda Martin

I believe true fitness to be about:
A) Health
B) Personal Power
Life is experienced through our bodies. Walking though an old growth forest, hauling trash to the curb, hugging your bestie, doing the laundry, dancing the samba, making cookies, making love, making art – life is the ultimate adventure! And the better our limbs and joints move, the more effectively our lungs and hearts work, the more freedom in life we enjoy.
Fitness is a life-long journey and one I believe can improve every aspect of our lives.
I’m a Certified Personal Trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine, hold a certificate in Mind-Body Wellness from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts and have 15 years of experience facilitating programs for women and girls.
My passion is strength-training but I value every fitness modality, and work with people of all ages, backgrounds and fitness levels.
I am always down for an adventure!
Instagram: @eatmovepow
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