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It’s mid-May and I am just wrapping up a morning of yoga classes. I was stalling for a bit checking my email and social media, as I had a date planned with my hubby for lunch. Every day is an ordinary day with no great expectations, however every day is sprinkled with some unexpected special gifts. This day was the mother load of magical unicorn pixie dust!

Remember I was stalling and in came walking a young lady and her dog. It’s hard for me to explain my first impression, she looked like she came straight out of an LLBean catalog; tennis shoes, jean skirt, polo shirt and sweater tide around her neck, and a big brimmed hat. Her small dog totally helped himself to the joint, scoping out the place and me.  It is what happened next that blew me away.

Sarah introduced herself, extended her hand for a very strong firm shake, and came right out with why she was in my presence. Pretty much explained for the last 20 years,

“I have worked my as% off becoming a very f*cking bad as% lawyer.”

She further explains that she has to “undo what has been done” to her body because of it.

BOOM! I mean can you picture it?

I believe my mouth dropped and then there was a bit of a pause. Now I am no saint. I also swear like a truck driver, so an eye brow rose, curiosity was extremely high, and this day just got very interesting.

So in any situation like this there are the standard questions;

  • why yoga?
  • what benefits are you wanting to explore with the practice?
  • Where and how often do you see this practice in your life?

Sarah’s response was without hesitation; “at my house, twice a week, 90 minutes, and group classes are not an option right now, maybe as I progress within the practice.”

And I with a smile responded “Well all-righty then, I will be in touch, as I have to run to join my hubby for our date.” She was so sweet and apologized if she was taking up my time.

Sarah has a HUGE personality, with very specific needs, and a determination that I have not seen or felt in a long time. Her energy was so big, bold, and precise that when I got in my little jalopy (old, beat up car) that pretty much sh*t the bed in the parking lot – I didn’t have to think, meditate, contemplate my decision…it was time for a new vehicle today and it was her fault!

That is not my norm, so yes her energy totally rubbed off on me and I made a decision from my gut. It was incredible to feel empowered and KNOW exactly what I want. By the end of the day, I had my dream vehicle…a truck! “Sweet Heart” is beautiful and I feel pretty awesome behind her wheel.

The following week, I connected with Sarah to explain I was very interested in working with her but first we need to make sure our energy jives together. Private yoga classes are very different in that the student-teacher relationship has to be kosher for there to be growth for the student. That is not to say this relationship isn’t important in a group class, however imagine being in a room with someone for 90 minutes and it feeling weird? That would totally suck and be a disservice to both individual’s time, effort, and finances. In a group class there is a collective energy created by the community not just 2 people. She totally agreed and we both looked forward to our classes the following week.

The first class I literally was testing her to see how she holds her body, mind, and breath. I set her up with props, invited her to ask questions whenever, and openly explained I was using this class to see where and how she is. Within the first 5 minutes of sitting in a supported suhkasana (easy seat) to ground and begin meditating, she opened her eyes looked at me and said

“is it supposed to f*cking hurt this bad?”

Now remember, I was testing her and she passed with flying colors. She was open enough to share with me honestly and moved out of the discomfort that she was experiencing – the girl doesn’t hold back and that it is one of my favorite traits about her. We continued to explore in stillness, gentle movement, and as we completed our first session – she said

“Thank god there are people like me and you. I am bad a%s at what I do. And I hope you know you are doing exactly what you are supposed to be f*cking doing?”

I think I might have blushed.

I have been teaching yoga since 2003. There have been many times in my career of sharing this practice where I had doubts or my heart was full of gratitude in what I am doing. As we completed our first class together, I knew deep within my core that I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing. Whether it was her affirmation or my intuitive knowing, I left her place feeling VERY blessed. The universe works in peculiar ways. The rainbow unicorn that poops pixie dust brought two individuals together who needed each other – teacher/student and vice versa.

We continue to work together and I can happily report Sarah can sit in suhkasana for 20 minutes without swearing, at least out loud.

Power is not who you can move….Power is being able to move yourself….I am learning that the hard way after 20 years….one pose at a time. ~ Sarah

To be continued…

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