30 Minute Migraine

Lying on my back, still heavy in body, I feel myself begin to transition from a deep sleep to soft awakening. Without opening my eyes, I begin to notice how I am wearing my legs, arms, back, and there it is – my throbbing HEAD! Ugh…it still hurts. I recognize the pain doesn’t resemble my head being sandwiched in a vice grip. This is a very good sign and not my first rodeo with a hormonal or barometric pressure migraine. Today I will find out will it be a storm in my uterus or in the sky? Only time will tell.

I carefully turn to my side, place my hands on my bed, lift up to a seat, and glance at what looks like a toupe peering out from the covers on the bed above me. A gentle smile kisses my lips as I know my Celdyn is cozy warm and fast asleep for at least 3 more hours. She lets me sleep with her, as my love snores like an air horn at a Rangers hockey game. As I place my feet on the floor and lift off to stand up, my smile drifts away quickly as I hold my head so it doesn’t implode…there it is you bastard. I begin to chant quietly in my mind. This is temporary. This temporary. This is temporary. I begin to convince all the voices in my head to agree it is time. “Let’s do this” I whisper as I continue on with a very big day filled with many responsibilities.

After 20 years of migraines, I have realized that if I allow myself to move slowly, focus on others, and with softness for myself the pain is manageable…of course a good dose of meds when I wake helps too. I know I am very fortunate, as many are floored by their migraine experiences. If this applies to you, I see and feel you sister. In my 20’s I would have anywhere from 10-15 a month. It is pretty exhausting thinking about it. When I went to the doctor, they wanted me to take a daily medication. I am not sure what I was expecting them to tell me, but I was never going to do that. They eased my mind that taking the over the counter meds wouldn’t hurt me, but they do cause for a pretty retched hangover the following day. Perfect!

I began to do my own research with many years of journaling my daily habits/patterns/routines. With trials and tribulations I would soon determine my specific triggers. Today, I have figured out how to keep them at bay.  Like many chronic illnesses if we eat clean, get sound and regular sleep, exercise regularly, create and devote ways to keep grounded. Life throws unexpected stress at us. How we deal with it will determine if it comes from a space of clarity or confusion. It is how we respond to the situations that will keep the body and mind in balance, so meditation and yoga have been my go to tools. If you suffer, I encourage you to find your life tools. It will save you and give you your life back!

It’s 6:30 in the morning and as I step out of the house I walk right into the most brilliant horizon; purple, pink, orange, blue…it was an artists dream! I pause to breathe it in body, breath, and mind. As I span the sky and look back at the house with much surprise at a DOUBLE RAINBOW dumping right into our house. I smile thanking the universe for her message. As I walk towards my truck, I notice the sprinkles of rain and immediately look up at the sh%t storm coming in – there it is a barometric migraine.

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