The Making of a Sound Healer: Part 1

I have been a sound healer since I was about 5 years old. I wasn’t aware of what I was doing or what an impact it had on those who received it. I just knew what I did made me happy and changed the moods of those around me. Through school I continued in my own way to send “sound” love to those around me through song, piano and dance. As a Senior, I was voted most huggable, not a bad monicker. I guess they felt the love I was sending. I sang and played music through college and then blasted into the world of marriage, and being a mother of 4 kids.

Music was the one thing that we all shared a passion for. From musicals, to playing and singing, me and my kids are on the same page. Each has their own special way they share sound. For me I was called the baby whisperer, I could get a crying baby to settle in 5 minutes with some simple toning and rhythmic rocking. Mind you, at this point I still had no formal training. I was just being and doing what I knew felt right and positive. It wasn’t until I stepped into a Gong training that I began to understand myself better. My teacher and Gong Master, Duane Armitage gave definition to what I intuitively knew. I was home, I was hooked and I began to study to give myself an understanding in the world of sound.

What is sound?

Is it physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual?

How does it affect us as a human in this 3rd dimension?

I began in the scientific realm because I wanted to know the “why and how” things happen.  So I began to read about the physics of sound. Physics is the branch of science that deals with the nature and properties of energy, according to the dictionary. What is sound but a wave of energy! Physics deals with how this energy has motion, force, and how is affects matter around it. (I.e. The human body)

In physics, when it pertains to sound, it is called acoustics or the properties of sound. We have all heard of acoustics. Acoustics deals with production, control, transmission, reception, and effects of sound. Go to any movie theatre and experience amazing acoustics. The movie would not be the same without the surround sound. Acoustic tells us how the sounds works, but how does that affect the human body? A physician knows how the body works and how the physical body translates the sound into the human body.

Is your head spinning yet? Mine too.

What I took away from the study into physics and acoustics is that energy travels in waves or cycles. It has impact on matter that it comes into contact with such as the human body. This contact has an affect that a physician can explain.
So I then began to look into the physical body. I am far from a physician but love some good old fashion anatomy.

What in our body opens us to sound? Our ears are the obvious choice and through an almost magical event, our ears turn sound vibration into electrical impulses sent to the brain creating sound. Pure magic if you ask me.

But what about the rest of the body? What if someone is deaf? Can they still be affected by sound? Absolutely they can and are!

Our body has a personal resonance that is uniquely ours. Our organs, our muscles, our everything vibrates right down to each individual cell. We are vibrating and receiving vibration from the world around us.

These vibrations can leave a mark good or bad.

So understanding the energy of sound, how to use it to affect the body, and understanding how the body receives and emits vibration is important to being a sound healer.

Which brought me to my next question. If we are receiving sound and vibration from the world around us then what about the celestial objects? 
I began to look into astronomy. Astronomy is the oldest of the natural sciences and is the study of celestial objects using mathematics, physics, and chemistry to explain the origins and evolution of these celestial objects.

How does this science have anything to do with sound healing?

Within this science, they have found that each of the celestial objects emit a frequency, and these frequencies move in energetic waves towards earth. We are the recipients of these frequencies. Because the celestial objects are far away the force of the waves is minimal to most of us. Yet we receive these impulses daily depending on the behaviors and cycles of the celestial objects.

If you want to know about the behaviors, then we look at astrophysics which is just that, the studies of the behaviors, dynamic processes and physical properties of these celestial objects.

If you want to know about the cycles and positions, then we look into Astrology.

Astrologers use the concepts from other sciences to predict, to understand cycles and to look for divine signs in the patterns that are created by these celestial objects. Because of the frequencies emitted from the celestial objects, we can be affected when big astrological events happen, full moon, eclipses, meteor showers, comets, and certain alignment of the stars and constellations.
Ok, take a breath, we have gotten what seems like far away from sound healing!

But this is what I do to understand sound. I have the background of doing sound healing from an intuitive level and then I began to study sciences for myself. A study of why and how it works. Now, I have the basis of energy how it move and works. I have a rudimentary understanding of the physical body and its hearing. I have an understanding of the celestial objects, orbits, frequencies, cycles and patterns……

I put all this together every time I create a sound event. This is the making of a sound healer. 

Next post will continue the explorations of the making of a sound healer. New studies of Schumann Resonance, and all the terms that get used in reference to sound healing.

Until then: May you find peace.

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