How is your past trauma keeping you from your purpose?

Greetings Divine Radiance!
  • Do you feel deep down in your bones that you’re meant to live an extraordinary life?
  • Do you see yourself in a peaceful state, filled with and surrounded by love and bliss?
  • Do you often wonder why it’s so difficult to manifest what you desire into your reality?

You have what it takes to be all you’ve dreamed of being. Your experiences were meant to mold and shape you into a living testament of the ability we all possess to overcome obstacles so that others are inspired to do the same.
Your traumas aren’t meant to stop you, but some how they do.

Trauma is meant to sharpen you so you become the blade that helps others cut through their blocks. 

When you release the trauma you’ve experienced, you gain wisdom, and wisdom is strength. The thing is, most of us don’t look at trauma in this way. We allow it to marinate in our Soul, steal our confidence, and rob us of our power.  If you’ve been allowing your trauma to keep you stuck in a self inflicted prison, it’s time to free yourself!
You’ve expressed your desire time and time again to change your life, so the Universe has responded to you by placing people and experiences in your path to get you the change you seek, but you have a part in making it happen. You have to simply pick up the breadcrumbs the Divine placed in the forest of life that lead you to your awakening.

You have the key, but you must put it in and unlock the door that keeps you trapped.

Release the things you were taught about what’s right and wrong for your life and listen to your Soul.

Release the value (or lack thereof) you were told was your worth and understand you are a priceless infinite being.

Shut off the tape that plays in your head that creates self-doubt and trust your connection to the Divine. Through NLP, shut off the tape that replays the tune of despair, fear, chaos, shame, self doubt, lack, and whatever else keeps you from your purpose. Not only will this tape shut off, it will be destroyed and a new tape will play that empowers you to know, trust, and believe in your infinite potential. This new found knowing will create the action that creates change required to shift your life from dark to light.

You are an intricate part of the Divine’s creation. Your life has a purpose.
Your trauma has created energetic blocks that keeps success, happiness, love, confidence, clarity, and peace out of your reach.

Do you want to be free? Are you ready to be free?

If so, you must choose to release what you were told you couldn’t do and believe you can do anything.

The time is NOW!

The time is NOW to stop being paralyzed by fear
The time is NOW to stop waddling in pain
The time is NOW to stop doubting yourself
The time is NOW to stop sabotaging yourself
The time is NOW to stop making excuses and blaming others.

The time is NOW to fulfill the contract you signed before you entered this human form and step into your purpose! 

If you truly desire change you have to make a choice to do something you’ve never done and be willing to push through to make it happen!

Are your ready to live the life you’ve been dreaming of?

Are you capable of making shift happen so what are you waiting for?

From my Soul to yours,
No such thing astoo much cheese
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