Getting Old

“I don’t know where this tumor came from,” said the doctor to his patient, “you’re so healthy.”

I was in shock as my client related the story of her husband’s recent visit to his doctor. This husband is a man in his late 60’s who has had type 2 diabetes for years, he is on high blood pressure medication, he is riddled with arthritis and has just discovered he has a large tumor on one of his kidneys. 

I replied, “Healthy!? What!?  He has diabetes, high blood pressure and arthritis!”

She quickly responded with a tone of triggered rebuff, “Yeah, but he’s healthy…”  as if to say Diabetes, Hypertension, and Arthritis don’t count, and she went on to tell me how, the doctor who believed her husband was healthy, brought comfort to them in saying so.  Ah, yes, the power of belief… makes us powerful, or powerless.

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard this sort of misunderstanding of health, and it shocks me every time.

I’m in my mid to early 40’s and people my age have been on medications for years now, always saying it’s “just part of getting old”…you know, dealing with blood pressure issues, thyroid malfunctions, moon cycle problems, feeling tired all the time, arthritis, eyesight issues, memory problems, digestive issues, insomnia or sleep disorders, incontinence, cardiovascular disease, slow wound  healing, neuropathy, obesity, osteoporosis… anything else that’s “just part of getting old” that apparently can start in our early 30’s?

Heck, my former husband started calling me “old” when I was 22!  If 22 is old, what the bleep is 40-something, let alone the 60’s and beyond?!  I’m freakin out here!

My own father is on medications for high blood pressure (and who knows what else), but he believes he is healthy. 

I do NOT understand this line of thinking. 

I love you, Dad, but I just don’t get it.

I believe we, as a culture, have forgotten what “healthy” means… what we actually claim when we speak the words, “I am healthy.”

So, for clarity’s sake, I’m going back to the American roots of the English language, quoting Webster’s 1828 Dictionary:

“HEALTHnoun helth. [from heal.] That state of an animal or living body, in which the parts are sound, well organized and disposed, and in which they all perform freely their natural functions. In this state the animal feels no pain. This word is applied also to plants.

1. Sound state of the mind; natural vigor of faculties.

2. Sound state of the mind, in a moral sense; purity; goodness.”


If you are taking medications, then you are not healthy.


Okay, I can tell that’s really gonna to trigger some people.  But stick with me here…

According to the definition of health, at least the following 5 criteria must be true for you:

1)     ALL parts are sound

2)     ALL parts are well organized

3)     ALL parts perform freely their natural functions

4)     No pain

5)     Natural vigor of faculties

We are in a national “healthcare” crisis here!  And believing we are healthy even though we’re taking drugs for hypertension and high cholesterol, moon cycle issues, and/or arthritis, etc… is a HUGE part of this crisis.  We’re talking billions upon billions of dollars here!  This is just ONE reason the cost of health insurance in the U.S. is SO astronomically high that it’s simply unaffordable for most people.

No form of “healthcare reform” will solve these deep, underlying issues…

#1 being our definition and understanding of “health” and “healthy.”

Please be open to questioning your beliefs about health, the literal definition of health.

Why question?

And why would you be triggered by my bold statement that: if you are taking medications, then you are not healthy?

Well, how do you feel when someone, or your alarm clock, wakes you up from the best dream you’ve ever had?!


Right.  I am your Health Alarm Clock!  It’s time to wake up! #sorrynotsorry

#healthhac (you know, like those computer hackers who find unauthorized access to data… but I find for you the unauthorized access to health data that’s been blocked from the doctors and public through the results of the 1910 Flexner report).

To be transparent, I have had years of health, and years of unhealth. I also feel like I need to be blatantly honest here… I am in a year of unhealth right now, by choice.

I say by choice because health comes from diet and lifestyle.  I know hypothyroid and adrenal exhaustion are caused by diet and lifestyle… MY choices (choices largely influenced by trauma/PTSD).  Layers upon layers of unresolved trauma create a powerful, destructive biochemistry, so physically-mentally-emotionally-spiritually… it’s even more crucial to be vigilant/diligent with diet and lifestyle choices which includes getting trauma resolution support.

These things, these health conditions don’t just happen simply from “getting older.”  If age were the only factor, then everyone my age would have my health issues and I’d have theirs.  Yes, genes (DNA), play a role in each family’s “weak links” and strengths, but science has proven for decades that it is diet and lifestyle that turns those “weak links” on or off.

Science has also proven that traumas are passed on from one generation to the next through the DNA, which again, is why diet, lifestyle and trauma resolution are so vitally important in restoring and maintaining good health, for you and for your children.

Dr. T. Collin Campbell and Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn Jr., M.D. have both conducted significant studies and published profound, life-saving works.  Read them.  Save your life.  Stop “getting old” way before you’re actually old 😉

By believing all of these unhealth conditions are “just part of getting old” (I don’t care if you’re 35 or 85), then you are believing you have NO CONTROL over your own health and body functions!  There’s always room for improvement!

Our entire country is under a spell of unhealth denial… in large part caused by the biased opinion of the Flexner report of 1910, but still… we have GOT to snap out of it!

Please know, as so many natural doctors and herbalists have proven throughout the millennia, YOU HAVE TOTAL CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTH, if you want it.  You can heal your body and get off your medications (with the supervision of your chosen medical professional of course).  You have the POWER to create health, real health, and experience your body being pain-free, med-free, freely-functioning in natural order with an overflowing abundance of inherent vitality and vigor of body and mind!

It’s up to you.

“There is no such thing as an incurable disease, only incurable people.”

–Dr. John Raymond Christopher

Dr. Christopher is referring to how powerful our beliefs, our mindsets and our willingness to take massive action truly are in reversing disease and creating lasting, sustainable wellness.  He’s saying, do whatever it takes!

There are doctors all over the world that know this philosophy as truth through their practice on real patients that are healing themselves from “incurables” every day.

If you believe you’re “incurable” then you are, indeed, incurable.

Own it.

Say it with me, “I am incurable.”

How does that feel?


“Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.”

–Henry Ford

And I’d like to add, if you think you can’t, or you think you’re “incurable” then it’s time to get help… for your mindset.  Maybe all you need is a health coach, an N.D., or an herbalist that is well-versed in curing the incurables.

But a decision needs to be made: are you incurable?  Or, do you have the power to create health in your own body?

You don’t need to know how, yet, you just need to know who you are. Embrace it.

Practice asking yourself these questions:

  • Are you powerful?  Or Powerless?
  • Are you curable, or incurable?
  • Can your body be the definition of health: …pain-free, full of vigor in mind and body, all parts being sound, organized and freely performing their natural functions… and all without medications?

I know I have the power to create health because I’ve done it before. I flood myself with inspiring recovery stories and scientific proof.  I know I am curable.  I know I have the power to heal through my choices.

You have this power, too.  You’re NOT getting old!  You are, however, getting woke! 😉

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